Review: The Maze Runner (2014)

Maze Runner (2014)

  The final 10 minutes or so of The Maze Runner is schlock.  Pure schlock.  It ends exactly how you would expect a YA novel adaptation to end--very little resolve, ludicrous explanations, topped off with a healthy dose of deux ex machina. Tune in next year for the inevitable sequel! But man, everything up to that point is pure gold. The Maze Runner is far better than I expected it to be. It's probably better than you expected it to be, as well. Blame the marketers for this one. … [Read more...]

Super Mario Bros the Movie: Genuine Failure or Misunderstood Classic?

super mario bros

Hey kids, what do you get when you take an iconic video game universe and combine it with a healthy dose of diminished expectations? Answer: a motion picture that will forever be remembered in absolute infamy.  A commercial and critical failure, Super Mario Bros baffled audiences everywhere, opting for a dark and dingy approach over the video game's cheerful tone and bright color palette.  Every detail was given a confusing sci-fi explanation, completely forgoing any chance of high fantasy (a … [Read more...]