Review: Predestination

predestination review

Predestination is sci-fi genre fare at its most confusing. There is no "getting it" because it doesn't make any sense, and never once does it intend to. This is a film that will make your brain hurt without purpose. The problem? Well, it's a time travel movie. Time travel movies are always tricky because the very notion of time travel is ridiculous. There's always going to be a narrative hole--that dreaded paradox--and it's almost impossible to ignore. But that's not really the problem … [Read more...]

Why Justin Lin is Just Fine for Star Trek 3

why Justin Lin in just fine for Star Trek 3

I consider myself a huge Star Trek fan. Sometimes I'll even call myself a "trekkie." So when news came that the Fast & Furious Justin Lin would be taking the helm for the third "Nu Trek" installment, I joined my brethren in our collective WTF moment. How is this a good idea? Like many an Internet commentator out there, I panicked at the thought of Justin Lin directing Star Trek 3. I didn't think there was any way that the guy best known for directing car porn could effectively continue … [Read more...]