10 Sci-Fi Sequels And Remakes That (Thankfully) Never Happened

E.T. cornfield

There's no denying that sci-fi movie sequels and remakes have the potential to be absolutely terrible. For every Superman II, there's a Man of Steel (shudder). Alien and Predator were golden, both Aliens vs. Predator movies were abysmal. Don't even get me started on Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. Oh God. Believe it or not, we haven't even seen the worst of them. Sometimes an idea for a sequel/remake/reboot is so awful--so terribly ill-advised--that they never even make it out of the initial … [Read more...]

Review: Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending Review

Jupiter Ascending is a film out of time and place. Had it been released twenty or thirty years ago, there's a good chance that it would have been well regarded, or, at the very least, been considered somewhat original. If this were 1995, I would tell you that the latest Wachowski outing is totally worth watching. I would also probably say that Jupiter Ascending is not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a rollicking good time--one that needs to be experienced on the biggest … [Read more...]

Review: Project Almanac

Project Almanac Review

Somewhere in the year 2014, a geeky high school senior named David gets accepted into MIT after building a motion-controlled drone. He discovers soon thereafter that MIT tuition isn't cheap. Instead of applying for a federal loan or getting a part-time job, David goes through his deceased father's pile of stuff with the hope that he'll find an experiment that'll somehow make up for his lack of college funding. He finds the schematics for a time machine, and with the help of his equally geeky … [Read more...]