Edgar Wright to Direct Film with Giant Praying Mantises

Edgar Wright

CC Image by vagueonthehow via Flikr

Admit it–you were heartbroken when Edgar Wright parted ways with Marvel’s Ant-Man.  Heed no worry, dear reader, for the visionary director has a different insect to play with.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wright will direct a film for Sony Pictures based on Andrew Smith’s young adult novel Grasshopper Jungle.  

Grasshopper Jungle hit bookshelves in February 2014, and it tells the story of a group of teens who accidentally unleash an army of flesh-eating six-foot-tall praying mantises.  According to an editorial description via Amazon, Grasshopper Jungle is “…a wild, over-the-top story of male adolescence, science gone wrong, [and] the end of the world.”  In a review, Nerdist claims that it “manages to be simultaneously deeply weird and touchingly mundane.”  

In other words, Grasshopper Jungle sounds like classic Edgar Wright fodder.  His past movies have all been delightfully strange–Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and last year’s The Worlds Ends all managed to remain uproariously funny without dipping into total “spoof” territory.  Wright is no stranger to adaptations, either.  2010’s Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World was based on a series of graphic novels, and just like every other film Wright has directed, it’s completely weird, totally hilarious, and unlike anything else moviegoers have had the pleasure to lay eyes on.

Hopefully Sony will allow Wright to have his way with Grasshopper Jungle.  The Ant-Man debacle was directly related to creative differences, and it’s pretty obvious that Wright is the type of director who needs absolute control over his films.

Eager filmgoers and fans of Andrew Smith’s novel will have to wait, though.  Before he begins work on Grasshopper Jungle, Wright will be directing Baby Driver, another film in the vein of his “Cornetto” trilogy.  As reported by Collider, Wright describes Baby Driver as “collision of crime, action, music and sound,” and he supposedly will bear sole responsibilities for scripting duties as well.  Longtime collaborators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost haven’t announced any involvement as of yet.

Image Source: vagueonthehow From Flikr.  Used under Creative Commons License.

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