10 Sci-Fi Sequels And Remakes That (Thankfully) Never Happened

E.T. cornfield

There's no denying that sci-fi movie sequels and remakes have the potential to be absolutely terrible. For every Superman II, there's a Man of Steel (shudder). Alien and Predator were golden, both Aliens vs. Predator movies were abysmal. Don't even get me started on Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. Oh God. Believe it or not, we haven't even seen the worst of them. Sometimes an idea for a sequel/remake/reboot is so awful--so terribly ill-advised--that they never even make it out of the initial … [Read more...]

Why Justin Lin is Just Fine for Star Trek 3

why Justin Lin in just fine for Star Trek 3

I consider myself a huge Star Trek fan. Sometimes I'll even call myself a "trekkie." So when news came that the Fast & Furious Justin Lin would be taking the helm for the third "Nu Trek" installment, I joined my brethren in our collective WTF moment. How is this a good idea? Like many an Internet commentator out there, I panicked at the thought of Justin Lin directing Star Trek 3. I didn't think there was any way that the guy best known for directing car porn could effectively continue … [Read more...]

The Similarities Between Interstellar and Queen’s ’39


MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Do not read this unless you have either: Seen Interstellar already Hate yourself and want to ruin one of the best movies of the year. Don't say I didn't warn you! Way back in July 2014, I wrote a little article suggesting that Christopher Nolan's then-upcoming film Interstellar may be a feature-length adaptation of the Queen song '39. This was all in good fun--I obviously didn't have any insider details, and was basing my speculation solely on the official … [Read more...]

5 Awesome Sci-Fi Classics You Can Stream On Netflix

classic sci-fi movies streaming on netflix

There's nothing quite like classic sci-fi movies. Yeah, they're dated, and sure, most of them are cheesy, but the best science fiction films pre-1970 were ahead of their time. They also didn't have the luxury of high-tech CGI or the benefit of modern-day scientific research, so sci-fi films from the "golden era" of cinema had to rely on narrative imagination and technical ingenuity over just about everything. So go ahead--transport yourself to an era where color was high tech and enjoy these … [Read more...]

Super Mario Bros the Movie: Genuine Failure or Misunderstood Classic?

super mario bros

Hey kids, what do you get when you take an iconic video game universe and combine it with a healthy dose of diminished expectations? Answer: a motion picture that will forever be remembered in absolute infamy.  A commercial and critical failure, Super Mario Bros baffled audiences everywhere, opting for a dark and dingy approach over the video game's cheerful tone and bright color palette.  Every detail was given a confusing sci-fi explanation, completely forgoing any chance of high fantasy (a … [Read more...]

Star Trek/TMNT Crossover Action Figures Were a Thing

TMNT/Star Trek Crossover

My wife came across a Buzzfeed article the other day about 18 Ridiculously Awful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures.  She knows I'm a big TMNT fan--and I just so happen to be in the right age group to appreciate such atrocities--so naturally she had to share it with me.  I went through the list, picking through my brain trying to remember which ones I used to own before stupidly selling all of them during those awful "I'm too cool for toys" pre-teen phase.  Much to my amusement, I … [Read more...]

Is “Interstellar” the film version of Queen’s “’39?”

From the Interstellar Trailer

Note: this post doesn't contain any overt spoilers (there are none to give at this point), but we are going to be delving into a little speculation, so read at your own risk.     UPDATE 11/8/2014! Well, the movie has officially been released (check out our spoiler-free review here)! UPDATE 11/16/2014! I decided to write a more detailed analysis of the film and song, which you can find here. Warning--it's filled with major spoilers!   Details are pretty … [Read more...]

Sci-Fi Netflix Recommendations to Get Things Started

Netflix Recommendations of the Week

Life is short, so don't waste time watching a bad movie.  To keep you out of harms way, here are five sci-fi Netflix Recommendations that are totally worth a couple of hours.  This isn't just any list, though--to keep things spicy, I've broken the criteria into five distinct categories: box office bombs that deserved better, classic sci-fi, indie offerings, date night specials, and blockbusters.   Box Office Bomb That Deserved Better Equilibrium (2002) In a future where emotions … [Read more...]

10 Family Friendly Sci-Fi Movies that Kids Will Love

10 Family Friendly Sci-Fi Movies that Kids Will Love

Kids are an impressionable bunch, so it's important to get their "subjective" movie tastes in proper order with a healthy serving of family friendly sci-fi!  Sounds like a killer plan right?  It is, but you have two distinct obstacles to overcome.  Problem number one: kids aren't stupid, and they'll recognize a ball cheese for what it is...a ball of cheese.  Children of the 1970s and 1980s are more forgiving with family movies that came out around their respective time period.  Kids these days, … [Read more...]

Pacific Rim vs Godzilla (2014): Kaiju Battle On!

Pacific Rim vs Godzilla

  It's taken quite a while for giant Japanese monsters to stomp all over western cinema, but they're finally here.  This year marked the strong return of Godzilla, who hasn't appropriately seen the dim lighting of an American movie theater  since Roland Emmerich Ferris Buellered the whole concept in 1998.  Godzilla made quite a splash (pun absolutely intended) at the box office this year, raking in almost $200 million domestically and close to $500 million worldwide.  The international … [Read more...]