Gareth Edwards Will Return for “Godzilla 2”

From Godzilla (2014)

From Godzilla (2014)

Fans of 2014’s surprise smash Godzilla will be pleased to learn that the creative force behind the giant lizard’s latest installment will be back for more monster-on-monster action.  Deadline reports that Gareth Edwards will be returning as the director for Godzilla 2, as per his Comic-Con announcement.  The wait for a sequel will be a long one, though.  Edwards has recently been tapped to direct a Star Wars spin-off film set for release on December, 16 2016, and he won’t be getting around to Godzilla 2 until filming is done for Disney’s latest acquisition.

That’s not the biggest news surrounding Godzilla 2, though.  Edwards also announced that the sequel will feature two classic Godzilla foes: Mothra and Rodan.  Since these are iconic monsters, it’s safe to assume that our namesake hero will spend more screentime in battle, at least in comparison to his latest adventures.  It’s doubtful that Edwards and co. will waste the two most famous Toho-branded monster baddies in another “slow build” situation.

Even if the filming for Godzilla 2 goes quickly, it likely won’t hit silver screens until–at the very least–sometime in 2017.  Three years is a long time to wait for a blockbuster sequel, but considering how crowded the 2015-2016 movie schedule currently is, it’s an understandable coincidence.

The extra time is also beneficial for Legendary Pictures, the studio currently in charge of the American Godzilla license.  Though it’s not fair to call 2014’s Godzilla a bad movie–for a Godzilla film, it’s actually pretty great–it was not represented very well given its theatrical trailers (check one of them out after the break).  Several moviegoers who were looking for a film in the vein of Jurassic Park probably left theaters a little disappointed, though it’s safe to assume that Godzilla fans were given exactly what was promised to them.  These several years in between entries will give the studio plenty of time to re-market Godzilla 2, since it gives plenty of time for casual sci-fi fans to “forget” the first one.

Godzilla made close to $500 million in the worldwide box office, and will be released on Blu-Ray on September 14, 2014 in both standard and 3D formats.

Via: Deadline

Godzilla (2014) Theatrical Trailer


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