Review: Ex Machina

Ex Machina Poster

    Lite Spoiler Warning: I do my best to keep spoilers out of my reviews, but sometimes this is easier said than done. I don't personally think that this review of Ex Machina contains anything that would ruin your movie-going experience, but those super-sensitive to minor (but important) details may wish to read this after watching the film. As per usual, you have been warned. End Spoiler Warning. Somewhere in the mystical ether where fictional characters frolic about, … [Read more...]

Review: Coherence (2013)


Directed By: James Ward Byrkit Written By: James Ward Byrkit Starring: Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling, Nicholas Brendon, Elizabeth Grayson MPAA: Not Rated (Equivalent to "R" for language) It wasn't too long ago that the terms "low-budget" and "sci-fi" were synonymous with B-movie trite.  Cube and it's relentlessly unnecessary sequels come to mind.  Sure, there were big ideas at play, but they were bogged down by cheesy special effects and laughably bad acting.  It's hard to achieve a … [Read more...]

Sci-Fi Netflix Recommendations to Get Things Started

Netflix Recommendations of the Week

Life is short, so don't waste time watching a bad movie.  To keep you out of harms way, here are five sci-fi Netflix Recommendations that are totally worth a couple of hours.  This isn't just any list, though--to keep things spicy, I've broken the criteria into five distinct categories: box office bombs that deserved better, classic sci-fi, indie offerings, date night specials, and blockbusters.   Box Office Bomb That Deserved Better Equilibrium (2002) In a future where emotions … [Read more...]