Space Invaders Set to Blow Up a Movie Screen

Home made Space Invaders

  Space Invaders is headed for the silver screen.  The Wrap reports that Warner Brothers has acquired the film rights to Taito's classic shoot-em-up arcade game, with Akiva Goldsman on board as a producer.  The cast, crew, and release date information have yet to be released. Video game-to-movie translations aren't uncommon, but unlike, say, Tomb Raider and Super Mario Bros, Space Invaders doesn't really have much in the way of a narrative.  It doesn't have any real characters to … [Read more...]

Review: Europa Report (2013)

Europa Report (2013)

Directed By: Sebastián Cordero Written By: Philip Gelatt Starring: Christian Camargo, Anamaria Marinca, Michael Nyqvist, Daniel Wu MPAA: PG-13 Review: 3.5/4 Splashy special effects and sci-fi go together like fried chicken and waffles—they naturally complement each other, but consequences arise should you consume too much of either one of them in a single sitting.  While the movie-going world needs a healthy dose of its Avatars, Hunger Games, and [pick-your-favorite-superhero-here]’s, every … [Read more...]

Recap: Extant – Ep. 1

Extant Episode 1

Extant Episode 1: "Re-entry" These are exciting times!  Molly Woods is having a baby, even though she's been declared infertile!  It's a miracle! Things get even stranger when you factor in her latest mission: a 13 month solo mission out in space.  Solo, as in nobody there except her, and 13-month, as in over a year. So how exactly is she pregnant, again? Such is the mysterious premise behind Extant, a brand new sci-fi offering from CBS that's already loaded to the brim with thought … [Read more...]

Is “Interstellar” the film version of Queen’s “’39?”

From the Interstellar Trailer

Note: this post doesn't contain any overt spoilers (there are none to give at this point), but we are going to be delving into a little speculation, so read at your own risk.     UPDATE 11/8/2014! Well, the movie has officially been released (check out our spoiler-free review here)! UPDATE 11/16/2014! I decided to write a more detailed analysis of the film and song, which you can find here. Warning--it's filled with major spoilers!   Details are pretty … [Read more...]