Star Trek/TMNT Crossover Action Figures Were a Thing

TMNT/Star Trek Crossover

My wife came across a Buzzfeed article the other day about 18 Ridiculously Awful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures.  She knows I'm a big TMNT fan--and I just so happen to be in the right age group to appreciate such atrocities--so naturally she had to share it with me.  I went through the list, picking through my brain trying to remember which ones I used to own before stupidly selling all of them during those awful "I'm too cool for toys" pre-teen phase.  Much to my amusement, I … [Read more...]

Sci-Fi Netflix Recommendations to Get Things Started

Netflix Recommendations of the Week

Life is short, so don't waste time watching a bad movie.  To keep you out of harms way, here are five sci-fi Netflix Recommendations that are totally worth a couple of hours.  This isn't just any list, though--to keep things spicy, I've broken the criteria into five distinct categories: box office bombs that deserved better, classic sci-fi, indie offerings, date night specials, and blockbusters.   Box Office Bomb That Deserved Better Equilibrium (2002) In a future where emotions … [Read more...]

Third Star Trek Film to Feature Actual Trekking

Sci-Fi Movie Night

A major complaint surrounding Bad Robot's version of Star Trek has always been a lack of the exploratory element,  so nitpicky fans and haters of awesome things should rejoice with this latest little nugget of information provided by Director/Writer Roberto Orci on the Humans From Earth podcast (as reported by Collider): “They have set off on their five-year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space.” Orci goes on to suggest that the first two films were used to develop the … [Read more...]