There Is A Sci-Fi ‘Tetris’ Movie In The Works


  No, your eyes are not deceiving you and yes, you read that correctly. The list of unnecessary video game adaptations is about to get just a wee bit longer with Tetris: The Movie (not an official title). Threshold CEO Larry Kasanoff broke the news in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, calling the upcoming film "a very big sci-fi epic." Oh boy. I don't know about you, but when I think of Tetris, that addictive puzzle game that came packaged with my Game Boy way back … [Read more...]

Space Invaders Set to Blow Up a Movie Screen

Home made Space Invaders

  Space Invaders is headed for the silver screen.  The Wrap reports that Warner Brothers has acquired the film rights to Taito's classic shoot-em-up arcade game, with Akiva Goldsman on board as a producer.  The cast, crew, and release date information have yet to be released. Video game-to-movie translations aren't uncommon, but unlike, say, Tomb Raider and Super Mario Bros, Space Invaders doesn't really have much in the way of a narrative.  It doesn't have any real characters to … [Read more...]