4 Things We Learned from the Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere


    It's been an unusually long wait, but the Doctor is back!  With the eighth season of "New Who" now in tow, I thought it appropriate to reflect on "Deep Breath," the premiere episode showcasing Peter Capaldi's first true run as the ancient Time Lord.  Naturally, this brought forth a few revelations,  all of which are bound to play an important role in 2014's version of Doctor Who. Here's the thing--I have attempted to write episodic recaps of television shows prior to this, … [Read more...]

Recap: Extant Ep. 3

extant episode 3

Extant Episode 3: "Wish You Were Here." Ethan is one creepy robo-child.  For every moment that he does something "normal," like throwing a temper tantrum or curiously asking about the subtleties of Darwinian evolution, he does something strange, like build an elaborate pigeon trap. Maybe this doesn't sound particularly weird--children trap animals all the time, right?--but it harkens back to an awkward scene in the first episode where Molly catches him red-handed with a dead bird.  He claims to … [Read more...]

Recap: Extant Ep. 2

Extant Episode 2

Extant Episode 2: Extinct "Extinct" starts off with Molly Woods waking up to the ominous sound of sneakers being kicked around in a clothes dryer.  In a future where humanoid robots walk the Earth and trash compactors look like Apple products, doing laundry is still a pain.  Can win them all, right? Meanwhile, her husband John walks into his brand new humanics laboratory, courtesy of the suspiciously generous Mr. Yasumoto.  It's not all roses, though--before he gets a chance to admire his … [Read more...]

Recap: Extant – Ep. 1

Extant Episode 1

Extant Episode 1: "Re-entry" These are exciting times!  Molly Woods is having a baby, even though she's been declared infertile!  It's a miracle! Things get even stranger when you factor in her latest mission: a 13 month solo mission out in space.  Solo, as in nobody there except her, and 13-month, as in over a year. So how exactly is she pregnant, again? Such is the mysterious premise behind Extant, a brand new sci-fi offering from CBS that's already loaded to the brim with thought … [Read more...]

Latest “Doctor Who” Trailer is All Kinds of Awesome

From the Doctor Who Trailer

Hold on...umm...just another second...okay...here goes... CHYEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Sorry, couldn't contain my excitement.  I tried, I really did, but this latest trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who is just awesome.  Maybe too awesome.  Don't believe me?  Check it out after the break. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TivqZTq5u6Y   The latest season (series?) of Doctor Who will feature Peter Capaldi as the twelfth reincarnation of everybody's favorite Time Lord, … [Read more...]

Recap: The Leftovers – Ep. 2

The Leftovers Episode 2

Trees...who needs them, anyway?  Not the GR, apparently, the white-cloaked silent group who ask potential recruit Meg to cut one down.  When she asks why, an answer is not provided--thus setting the tone for the entire second episode of The Leftovers. Or maybe it's for the whole show, since we're on the topic.  A few details are revealed--the GR stands for the "Guilty Remnant," and according to the estranged Mrs. Garvey, they're not a cult.  They only wish to "remind people of what happened" … [Read more...]

Recap: The Leftovers – Ep. 1

Justin Theroux in The Leftovers

I'm going to start doing weekly recaps of new TV shows, starting with The Leftovers, a fantasy-drama from the good folks over at HBO. Alright, I know I'm two weeks behind, but hey, better late than never, right?   Plot Recap This is the premiere episode, so it's all about character introduction.  There's not too much of a plot at this point--all we know is that people in the world start vanishing for no discernable reason. Strange happenings are afoot on October 14th.  The … [Read more...]